Saturday, July 14, 2012

Jomar Hilario's VA Seminar Testimonial from Mikel Dumlao

"I first learn about Jomar through Bro.Bo's newsletters that was the year 2008 if I'm not mistaken. From that newsletter I was directed to another website with Jomar's sales letter about his two-day internet marketing workshop. I though this was just some easy-money stuff that can help me provide more for my family the fact that I love browsing. I later realized that internet marketing is a hardwork at least when your starting. Being the eldest in the family who worked in a manufacturing company, there's no way we can survive for our daily expenses plus the tuition fees of my three younger sisters.

So I asked my mother for the money, she was shocked that I asked 10k+ pesos upfront. I said to myself that this can help us provide something more. I was not able to get money from her though she managed to find where can I loan the money for the event. So yes, I was able to attend the two-day workshop. That all starts, from then on I keep on attending more of his seminars, sometimes I facilitate to help him out 'cause the reason why I started to seek more source of income is because I want to help my family and like-minded people. That's my initial reason. I remembered I told that reason personally to Jomar and he said that my reason was not enough, that means I have to find something bigger than myself. His right when he said that my reason was not enough 'cause I became ambivalent(something I learned from Bro.Bo's blog post). Yes, I attended some of Jomar's seminars and I really want to help people but I'm not sure if that what I really want.

I also became a member of his mentoring club, from that I learned to create blogs that can earn through adsense, a google program that was almost dead because google became strict with Asian bloggers. I also learned so much about internet marketing by subscribing though Marketing Insiders. From the right title for your blog post to creating a facebook page for your business. Jomar is also the one who told me to listen to audio talks as a part of mind-setting.

Beyond those things, the best thing that I can say that I learn from Jomar is that I learned how to live my life. I learned that if I really really want something badly then I can find the way to get it and that was not only from the book but from my own experience. I learned how greatly God provides, it is just our eyes that can't see enough, our heart that can't love enough and our minds that was not open enough to receive all the vast blessings.

Sometimes Jomar would tell you things that you needed to know though you don't want to. I remember the time Jomar scolded me (at least online) for being not punctual in facilitating in his mastermind group. I felt humiliated for a while but it greatly make me a better and humbler person, I learned that I have to respect the time of other people, that you can get something because you deserve it and not just you need it and that my reason was not really enough.

Now I'm a more confident, sociable and a loving person. I believe I won't be this happy in my life if I didn't met Jomar almost four years ago.

I also attended Jomar's VA seminar. Now, I'm working as a part-time virtual assistant and still finding more gigs to work part-time, then build an online business. I finally find a great alternative for working abroad plus the fact that I had more direction in life.

As Steve Job's said ""The journey is the reward."" and true enough, nothing could be more rewarding than to live a life with no regrets. Steve also said ""That to know who you are, you must know who your heroes are."" I was so grateful to God that Jomar was one of them. In fact, even if Jomar won't raffle a price I will still share this story of mine because of the way he radically change my life.

I also found a greater reason, I'm committing myself to serve my chosen community, my family and my friends. I commit to changed my mindset. I commit to live my life to the fullest. I commit to enjoy a deeper relationship with God.

Thank you Jomar for the genuine help. I find some Filipino internet marketers but can't find anyone who's more passionate and sincere to help people than Jomar that's why I continue to be his mentor for years.

Thank you po Kuya Jomar for being a wonderful person. :)"

Mikel Dumlao
Lead Technician
SunPower Manufacturing Corp.

Want to experience Mikel's journey towards internet and personal development? You can attend Jomar's VA Seminar or Avail of the DOWNLOADABLE VERSION if you are not in Manila.

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