Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Start Your Work-At-Home Journey! Attend the Virtual Assistant Seminar in Manila

Virtual Assistant Seminar by Jomar Hilario

Make this your one of your valuable investment this year! Learn fast "How to be an Effective Virtual Assistant" from Pinoy Internet Mentor Mr. Jomar Hilario. 

Attend the Virtual Assistant Seminar on November 20, 2012 at Rosewood Pointe, Taguig City, from 9am- 6pm.

Reserve your seats here! or if you cannot attend the actual seminar you can avail of the DOWNLOADABLE VERSION.  There is no excuse in learning, Learn whenever or wherever you are.

How to go to Rosewood Pointe, Taguig City:

Grab this opportunity to Earn while having more time for your loved-ones!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Tips to Work Effectively as a Virtual Assistant

Getting your first gig as a Virtual Assistant is a milestone to celebrate and an indicator that you will be starting a new career ahead as a Work-from-Home or a Mobile Worker but more than starting up is the ability to succeed in this new chosen path. Here are some tips that will help you to work effectively as a Virtual Assistant:
  • Set your regular working time - yes its true that being a virtual worker you get to manage your own time. Remember you have the freedom to set the time but it doesn't mean that you are to dilly dally with your working time instead take this opportunity to "set the time" and not just let many distractions at home waste your time. ORGANIZE your schedule, whether you are to work at night or day it doesnt matter because that's the advantage of working from home or a virtual worker you have the ability to set everything.
  • Make a list of tasks to finish - just like setting your time, setting what needs to be finished according to importance or deadline will keep you in the right direction. Make the list visible to your workspace. And track your progress either daily or weekly to keep an eye on your accomplishments and what could you probably adjust.
  • Set up your dedicated workspace - make a separate and comfortable workspace for you, must haves of course are your computer, internet connection, microphone and headset but you can decorate other stuff to make it an enjoyable environment.
  • Set the rules for your family and other home distractions - it would be helpful for you if your family will cooperate during your working time, orient them and explain to your children or other family members why you need not be distracted during those time. 
  • Remove web clutter - everything might be set but once you get started you are tempted to open your email, facebook, twitter and you might be surprised that after checking them you have lost most of your time and also your momentum for the day. As a virtual assistant, those are the tools you need but be careful to delineate what would be the most productive use of those tools.
  • Take a break - since you are not bounded by anything, you may be tempted to continue even if you are supposed to be resting, a short nap or eating should not be neglected because this affect your productivity in the long-run and to avoid burn-out. During your breaktime, leave your work table.
  • Exercise - yes even if you are not commuting to work, you still need to move your body to keep your body healthy and alert mind, instead you are still be working and you would want to give quality time for your family. Remember you are responsible for your well-being.
  • Be present for your family - Take advantage of the quality time with your family since working from home removed your travel time to and fro office, it means you have more time for your family. Take your vacation with them.
  • Continuous Learning - to keep you updated in the current trends for Virtual Assistants like new tools, programs that will give you an advantage to get more clients. Go to seminars like the VA Seminars being offered by Jomar Hilario or buy books, the point is don't be obsolete over time.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Work at Home with Your Family! Be a Pinoy Virtual Assistant

Are you a working mom or dad, you want to earn for your family but missing a lot of time to be with them?
Are you an OFW and looking for alternative to earn and someday go home to be with your growing kids?
Are you aspiring to be an online entrepreneur but doesn't know where to start?

Here is your chance to Attend the Virtual Assistant Seminar to learn how you can work from home by a Filipino Internet Coach, Jomar Hilario.

Date/Time: September 15, 2012/9am to 5pm
Venue: Rosewood Pointe, Taguig City (How to go to Rosewood)

Click here to attend the Virtual Assistant Seminar

Still interested but not in Manila to attend? OFWs? You can download the VA Seminar. Click here to avail of the DOWNLOADABLE VA Seminar. Your downloadable version consists of the ff:

a. Access to the Video (not LIVE video)
b. Access to the Audio
c. Access to the Presentation materials and bonuses
d. Its not via webcam
e. It's not live (so you can watch/study at your free time)
f. It's self-paced training

Grab this chance reserve your seats or avail of the downloadable version!

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Attend the Virtual Assistant Seminar on Sept 15, 2012 by Jomar Hilario

Working Mom while spending time with kids? Impossible? Nope...The internet has made the  world flat  and  many countries are outsourcing their activities outside of their own countries..Grab this opportunity to earn while taking care of your family.

Do you want to learn how to be a "hireable" Virtual Assistant (You "Work from Home" or Anywhere you want)? Here's your chance to learn from a Filipino Internet Marketing Mentor, Mr. Jomar Hilario.

Date/Time: September 15, 2012/9am to 5pm
Venue: Rosewood Pointe, Taguig City (How to go to Rosewood)

Click here to attend the Virtual Assistant Seminar

Still interested but not in Manila to attend? OFWs? You can download the VA Seminar. Click here to avail of the DOWNLOADABLE VA Seminar. Your downloadable version consists of the ff:

a. Access to the Video (not LIVE video)
b. Access to the Audio
c. Access to the Presentation materials and bonuses
d. Its not via webcam
e. It's not live (so you can watch/study at your free time)
f. It's self-paced training

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

How to Create Blog using Blogger

Here's how you can create blog for free using Blogger.  One of the basic knowledge that Virtual Assistants should know is blogging, it is one of the tools or platform being used by businessmen which they commonly outsource to VAs.
How to Create Your Blogger Blog

Friday, August 24, 2012

How to Use LinkWithin for Blogger

Linkwithin is a free blog widget that appears under each post, linking to related stories from your blog archive. This widget will show related topics that might interest the readers and helping them to easily navigate your blogpost. Linkwithin is also easy to install in your blog and there is no need to register. Install Linkwithin by following the step-by-step procedure below:

How to Use LinkWithin for Blogger

Want to learn other Virtual Assistant Tools and be a qualified Virtual Assistant? Attend Jomar Hilario's VA Seminar or Avail of the VA Downloadable Version and learn at your own pace.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

What is a Virtual Assistant?

The current flourishing of the use of the internet and the global economic status gave rise to the idea of outsourcing work outside of the country with much lower cost but still effective and dependable staffs working for you or your business.

Virtual Assistant as defined by Wikipedia is generally self-employed and provides professional, administrative, technical, or creative to clients from a home office. 

They are termed virtual because all of the dealings are done through the use of modern technology like internet, telephone and other form of communication without any actual contact like the regular employment which you have to report at the physical office. Thus, besides income consideration the advantage of being a VA is to work anywhere possible for you: if you are mother or father , you can work in your home where you could be with your family most of the time and if you are an adventurer , you could work anywhere in the world provided of course you would still have access to internet.

What are the types of projects or work a VA do?
  • General Administrative Assistant or Personal VA - email filtering, data entry, transcription, preparing powerpoint presentations, research, customer service/answering email or phone calls(answering support request/live chats/twitter inquiries), events planning, travel arrangements, calendar management, monitoring of group accomplishments or status of other VAs(hiring other freelancers for the client/handle payments to freelancers/managing tasks accomplishments), blog management, social media management (twitter, linked in, facebook, squidoo).  Specific tasks could include VA to get contact details of blogger within the niche of the client, regularly market your services in craigslist, submit press release article to press release websites, submit affiliate programs to affiliate directories
  • SEO Specialist - keyword research, niche market analysis, link building, blog management, competitive analysis. Specific examples are setting up/optimizing your google adwords or facebook ads campaign, use of market samurai or google analytics for keyword search and of course identify SEO opportunities from keywords that drive traffic to your site,  
  • Article/Content Writing - write articles either for their blog contents, websites, e-books, or SEO requirements, marketing or advertising of products, directory submission, press release articles
  • Web Designer -  programming, create websites, set up and maintain wordpress blogs, software updates and plugins, design graphics/webpage layout
  • Graphic Designers - although this could be under web designers, there are a lot of new projects for graphic designers that does not fall under web designers like character illustrations for advertising collaterals, logo design, picture books (children's books)
  • Bookkeeping/Accounting - for Accounting graduates, invoicing, bookkeeping for business of clients

How to earn as a VA?
A Virtual Assistant can take as many clients as he/she can handle without of course letting his/her performance suffer and thus increasing the possible income any VA can get compared to standard employment. The rate will vary based on the tasks being handled by the VA. You can check from how the VA rate was computed.

Where to apply as a VA?
Well, there are a lot of sites encouraging you to join them as part of the pool of VAs but so far here are the top VA hiring sites you can join to apply as a VA:


Where to get training as a VA?
There are a lot of free resource available in the internet about VAs but if you want to learn fast and be part of community of Filipino VAs you could join Jomar Hilario's Mastery Group in Facebook or attend or download his seminars specifically tackling how we could be a hireable and highly paid VAs.

What do they say about hiring Virtual Assistants?
Tim Ferriss - Tim is the author of the best-selling book "The 4-hour Workweek" which introduced the concept of hiring Virtual Assistants. He teaches entrepreneurs how to maximize their time by outsourcing . One of the use of VA for Tim is to manage his inbox and customer service communication to his clients by giving clear instructions and templates.

Pat Flynn - is the one behind the Smart Passive Income Blog, he discussed about VA in one of his post entitled "Hiring a Virtual Assistant - Everything You Need to Know" and hired his VA for his website creation, designing wordpress themes, article writing.

Brendon Burchard - teaching individuals and entrepreneurs his marketing secrets and branding strategies thru his The Experts Academy. He started his online business with just one VA, he believes that there are tasks that needs to be focused on and delegate the rest to your VA.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How to Use Shortstack to Create Facebook Contest

Many companies who are now using Facebook to market/advertise their products are finding innovative ways to keep their followers engaged and to increase their fanbase by creating Facebook Contests in exchange for a prize.

One thing to take note however in creating Facebook Contest is the Facebook's ruling that "promotions on facebook must be administered within Apps on, either on a canvass or an app on a Page Tab".  In short, facebook is requiring a third party app in creating contest and one of the free tools you could use is Shortstack , but they also offer paid services so you can avail of the other features like database storage for storing promotional entries and performance analytics.

Shortstack is a custom iframe tab designing tool that allows you to create custom Facebook tabs. It allows you to customize your facebook page with contests, sweepstakes, videos, custom forms and more.

Shortstack Tutorial How to Create Fb Contests

Click here for samples from Shortstack.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Jomar Hilario's VA Seminar Testimonial from Joshua Delos Reyes

"I am now working full time as a web content writer, and the salary is comparable to my previous 'offline' job. Thanks to his tips and lessons. The VA seminar (which I downloaded for a fee) helped me to know what to expect from becoming a VA. Before, I just thought that those are just scams, but after watching the seminar, I became more confident and pushed through. When I realized that I can really do it, I quit my offline job and just after 30 days, I became a full time content writer. Yes I am now earning money from home. Instead of wasting my time inside the jeepney for commuting, I am now using that time to learn more and upgrade my skills. I am now immersing to the different books, audios, and videos Jomar has recommended through his email newsletter and OMC.

I am learning faster than ever before because I have more time to read and expand my knowledge. I am also a member of the OMC, and lately I have been applying the lessons, and truly, it works. It's very important to get the mindset and not just focus on the techie part. About the mindset, wow I am understanding a bit. The techie part is so easy to learn because Sir Jomar is already teaching those stuff in step by step and very easy to understand manner. Now I am getting targeted traffic to my websites. So far I am not a huge success, but I am sure that I am making improvements along the way.

I'll give an update when more breakthroughs are coming on, because it's just nonstop, everyday I am learning something new and the progress seems to go much faster because I have more time to learn and improve myself."

Joshua delos Reyes

Want to learn how to be a Virtual Assistant?Attend Jomar's VA Seminar or if you are not in Manila you can still learn at your own pace by downloading the VA Seminar.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Jomar Hilario's VA Seminar Testimonial from Edmee Linasa

Want to Work from your home like Edmee? Learn from a Pinoy Internet Mentor : Attend Jomar's VA Seminar or if you are not in Manila to attend you can Avail of the VA Downloadable Version.

Jomar Hilario's VA Seminar Testimonial from Mikel Dumlao

"I first learn about Jomar through Bro.Bo's newsletters that was the year 2008 if I'm not mistaken. From that newsletter I was directed to another website with Jomar's sales letter about his two-day internet marketing workshop. I though this was just some easy-money stuff that can help me provide more for my family the fact that I love browsing. I later realized that internet marketing is a hardwork at least when your starting. Being the eldest in the family who worked in a manufacturing company, there's no way we can survive for our daily expenses plus the tuition fees of my three younger sisters.

So I asked my mother for the money, she was shocked that I asked 10k+ pesos upfront. I said to myself that this can help us provide something more. I was not able to get money from her though she managed to find where can I loan the money for the event. So yes, I was able to attend the two-day workshop. That all starts, from then on I keep on attending more of his seminars, sometimes I facilitate to help him out 'cause the reason why I started to seek more source of income is because I want to help my family and like-minded people. That's my initial reason. I remembered I told that reason personally to Jomar and he said that my reason was not enough, that means I have to find something bigger than myself. His right when he said that my reason was not enough 'cause I became ambivalent(something I learned from Bro.Bo's blog post). Yes, I attended some of Jomar's seminars and I really want to help people but I'm not sure if that what I really want.

I also became a member of his mentoring club, from that I learned to create blogs that can earn through adsense, a google program that was almost dead because google became strict with Asian bloggers. I also learned so much about internet marketing by subscribing though Marketing Insiders. From the right title for your blog post to creating a facebook page for your business. Jomar is also the one who told me to listen to audio talks as a part of mind-setting.

Beyond those things, the best thing that I can say that I learn from Jomar is that I learned how to live my life. I learned that if I really really want something badly then I can find the way to get it and that was not only from the book but from my own experience. I learned how greatly God provides, it is just our eyes that can't see enough, our heart that can't love enough and our minds that was not open enough to receive all the vast blessings.

Sometimes Jomar would tell you things that you needed to know though you don't want to. I remember the time Jomar scolded me (at least online) for being not punctual in facilitating in his mastermind group. I felt humiliated for a while but it greatly make me a better and humbler person, I learned that I have to respect the time of other people, that you can get something because you deserve it and not just you need it and that my reason was not really enough.

Now I'm a more confident, sociable and a loving person. I believe I won't be this happy in my life if I didn't met Jomar almost four years ago.

I also attended Jomar's VA seminar. Now, I'm working as a part-time virtual assistant and still finding more gigs to work part-time, then build an online business. I finally find a great alternative for working abroad plus the fact that I had more direction in life.

As Steve Job's said ""The journey is the reward."" and true enough, nothing could be more rewarding than to live a life with no regrets. Steve also said ""That to know who you are, you must know who your heroes are."" I was so grateful to God that Jomar was one of them. In fact, even if Jomar won't raffle a price I will still share this story of mine because of the way he radically change my life.

I also found a greater reason, I'm committing myself to serve my chosen community, my family and my friends. I commit to changed my mindset. I commit to live my life to the fullest. I commit to enjoy a deeper relationship with God.

Thank you Jomar for the genuine help. I find some Filipino internet marketers but can't find anyone who's more passionate and sincere to help people than Jomar that's why I continue to be his mentor for years.

Thank you po Kuya Jomar for being a wonderful person. :)"

Mikel Dumlao
Lead Technician
SunPower Manufacturing Corp.

Want to experience Mikel's journey towards internet and personal development? You can attend Jomar's VA Seminar or Avail of the DOWNLOADABLE VERSION if you are not in Manila.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Jomar Hilario's VA Seminar Testimonial from Ted Hermosisima

Hermosisima, Ted Martin J.
Web Developer / Technical Lead
Savvysherpa Asia Inc.

Start your dream to Work from Anywhere you want, Attend Jomar's VA Seminar or Avail of the VA Seminar Downloadable Version.

Jomar Hilario's VA Seminar Testimonial from Millicent Reyes

"I first heard of Jomar's lessons from Bro. Bo Sanchez's weekly newsletter and being at the lowest point of my life with growing expenses and surmounting debt, the possibility of having multiple streams of income through the internet seemed the best choice especially that I am a solo mom.

I took his internet marketing seminar in May 2010 and downloaded the virtual assistant seminar in September of the same year. I concentrated in blogging and began earning from google adsense almost instantly although slowly. But my biggest earner was when I started a career in oDesk and applying Jomar's lesson, I got an employer in 3 applications! I almost couldn't believe it because I had no VA background nor oDesk rating yet plus the fact that oDesk says a contractor would have to go through an average of 45 applications before getting hired.  My client was so nice and, impressed with my performance, recommended me to her friend who hired me right away. For over a year now, I have 2 regular clients and just a month ago got an offer from Google to be a Judgment Contributor.

I just want to say that Jomar's lesson are not only technical but also appeals to ones' character improvement because implementing his lessons made me develop self-discipline and more important belief in myself that I can earn additional income without having to leave my day job (which I love) and sacrifice time away from my son.

Praying that Jomar continue to help and give hope to more people.

Many, many thanks and God bless!"

Maria Millicent Reyes
Executive Secretary to the Consul General
Pena y Cia, Inc./ Consulate of Estonia

You want to be like Millicent? Want to be a Successful VA, attend Jomar's VA Seminar or Avail of the VA Seminar DOWNLOADABLE Version.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Jomar Hilario's VA Seminar Testimonial from Divina Joy Ayungo

"Jomar opened my eyes to the world of internet marketing. So far I have applied some of the things he teached. I haven't gotten my first gig yet or first dollar in internet marketing but I am positive that I can reach my goals if I just follow Jomar's advice. I think that Jomar is the most effective Internet Marketing Guru in the Philippines."

Divina Joy Ayungo
Junior Accounting Officer
The Studio of Secret6, Inc.

Learn How to Earn as a Virtual Assistant(Work from your Bahay) ! Attend Jomar Hilario's VA Seminar or Avail of the VA Seminar Downloadable Version.

Jomar Hilario's VA Seminar Testimonial from Marivien Tiglao

"I am  a  grandmother to a  3  year old  smart  boy Alexis and my kids  and  granchild  always  laugh  at  me  because  I  am no  computer wizard  but  a computer  lizard  as  they  call me.  Never  in my wildest  dream that  I  will  study  all  these internet  related  subjects.  I was  just  aiming  to  build  my  online  shopping.  Never  have  a  thought  that I  still have  the  ability to absorb "techy subjects".  That's  where  Jomar  Hilario  came  into the  picture.  He  was  always  endorsed  by one of my  heroes  Bo Sanchez.  I  read  everything  I  could  thru the internet  and finally  I  had  an opportunity  to  attend  the  VA  Seminar  last  March  17, 2012  at the  beautiful  scenery  of Rosewood  Pointe.  And  Jomar  was  just  an  amazing  teacher  and  made  all the  topics  easy  to  understand and  never  thought  that  the application  will be  easy.  I  know  at  my pace  I  am  still a  lizard,  but  a  lizard  continuously and  enjoying  learning  everyday.  And  that  lizard  will one  day  emerge not  only  on  the walls  but  on the  walls  of  everyone  in the  internet.  LOL    And  the  funny,  cool  Jomar  Hilario  will always  be there  caring  and  guiding  people  to  see  the unlimited possibilites  of  earning  by  working from  home.  And  my  advocacy  to  create  businesses  and  job opportunites  extended  for  people  who  wants  to  work  from  home. "

Marivien R. Tiglao
Shree Raama Enterprises

Learn how to be a "hireable" VA, attend Jomar Hilario's VA Seminar or Avail of the VA Seminar Downloadable Version

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Jomar Hilario's VA Seminar Testimonial from Nerissa of Chili Rose

"Jomar has helped me increase my horizon in terms of my career and business. He taught me straight to the point lesson on how I can work at home as a VA, which eventually makes my finances climb up the ladder. He also gives me the courage to take risk and enter in the entrepreneur world of online business by offering services to businesses who need online presence."

Nerissa Marcos
Virtual Assistant/Accountant
Chile Rose/PBOLT Inc.

Start your VA Career Now! Attend Jomar's VA Seminar or Avail of the VA Seminar DOWNLOADABLE VERSION.

Jomar Hilario's VA Seminar Testimonial from Suzette Ferry

"Jomar teaches practical tools which are quite useful in my evereday life especially in doing presentations, jomar teaches us an effective way of communicating with just powerpoint,teaches how to discover the real me in finding my real hero,oh by the way im his OMC2 student that's why..jomar imparts his knowledge during his webinars when he can have as his products..Is learning how to create fan page,and contest not worth listening to jomar?Jomar i can say is passionate in his develop a much better you..and learn internet skills easily by his teachings,and now me and my husband were one of those people benefitting from his teachings my husband discover his true calling to be an internet marketer and also helped others along the way to our sucess right now he's in front of me immersed in his laptop getting additional knowledge on how to be an SEO at the same time creating contest in fb..and the most wonderful thing about it is he's not bored at all..because he loves what he is doing...I say jomar really is the guy if you want an internet marketing guru..who would help you understand every step of the at home?you ask jomar pwedeng pwede tanungin nyo sya,internet marketing?alam nya yun..I don't regret being an OMC2 the money the we have paid for my enrollment in OMC2 is just sulit because everyday he gives us inspirational status and he gives us a boost everytime that he learns new things jomar is so excited that he will post it in his fb and not contented with it he will organize webinars ganun si jomar hindi sya madamot sa alam nya..kudos to jomar..ikaw na jomar ang aming mentor..."

Suzette G.Ferry
government employee
local government

Want to learn how to be a Virtual Assistant?Attend Jomar's VA Seminar or Avail of the downloadable version of the VA Seminar

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Webinar from Jomar : "Make Facebook Earn For You"

Jomar shares in this webinar on how a VA(Virtual Assistant) can take advantage of the opportunity in creating Facebook Games for companies.

Do you like to learn more from Jomar? Attend his VA Seminar or if you are not in Manila you can Avail of the VA Seminar Downloadable Version.