Friday, September 28, 2012

Tips to Work Effectively as a Virtual Assistant

Getting your first gig as a Virtual Assistant is a milestone to celebrate and an indicator that you will be starting a new career ahead as a Work-from-Home or a Mobile Worker but more than starting up is the ability to succeed in this new chosen path. Here are some tips that will help you to work effectively as a Virtual Assistant:
  • Set your regular working time - yes its true that being a virtual worker you get to manage your own time. Remember you have the freedom to set the time but it doesn't mean that you are to dilly dally with your working time instead take this opportunity to "set the time" and not just let many distractions at home waste your time. ORGANIZE your schedule, whether you are to work at night or day it doesnt matter because that's the advantage of working from home or a virtual worker you have the ability to set everything.
  • Make a list of tasks to finish - just like setting your time, setting what needs to be finished according to importance or deadline will keep you in the right direction. Make the list visible to your workspace. And track your progress either daily or weekly to keep an eye on your accomplishments and what could you probably adjust.
  • Set up your dedicated workspace - make a separate and comfortable workspace for you, must haves of course are your computer, internet connection, microphone and headset but you can decorate other stuff to make it an enjoyable environment.
  • Set the rules for your family and other home distractions - it would be helpful for you if your family will cooperate during your working time, orient them and explain to your children or other family members why you need not be distracted during those time. 
  • Remove web clutter - everything might be set but once you get started you are tempted to open your email, facebook, twitter and you might be surprised that after checking them you have lost most of your time and also your momentum for the day. As a virtual assistant, those are the tools you need but be careful to delineate what would be the most productive use of those tools.
  • Take a break - since you are not bounded by anything, you may be tempted to continue even if you are supposed to be resting, a short nap or eating should not be neglected because this affect your productivity in the long-run and to avoid burn-out. During your breaktime, leave your work table.
  • Exercise - yes even if you are not commuting to work, you still need to move your body to keep your body healthy and alert mind, instead you are still be working and you would want to give quality time for your family. Remember you are responsible for your well-being.
  • Be present for your family - Take advantage of the quality time with your family since working from home removed your travel time to and fro office, it means you have more time for your family. Take your vacation with them.
  • Continuous Learning - to keep you updated in the current trends for Virtual Assistants like new tools, programs that will give you an advantage to get more clients. Go to seminars like the VA Seminars being offered by Jomar Hilario or buy books, the point is don't be obsolete over time.

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