Thursday, June 28, 2012

Jomar Hilario's VA Seminar Testimonial from Suzette Ferry

"Jomar teaches practical tools which are quite useful in my evereday life especially in doing presentations, jomar teaches us an effective way of communicating with just powerpoint,teaches how to discover the real me in finding my real hero,oh by the way im his OMC2 student that's why..jomar imparts his knowledge during his webinars when he can have as his products..Is learning how to create fan page,and contest not worth listening to jomar?Jomar i can say is passionate in his develop a much better you..and learn internet skills easily by his teachings,and now me and my husband were one of those people benefitting from his teachings my husband discover his true calling to be an internet marketer and also helped others along the way to our sucess right now he's in front of me immersed in his laptop getting additional knowledge on how to be an SEO at the same time creating contest in fb..and the most wonderful thing about it is he's not bored at all..because he loves what he is doing...I say jomar really is the guy if you want an internet marketing guru..who would help you understand every step of the at home?you ask jomar pwedeng pwede tanungin nyo sya,internet marketing?alam nya yun..I don't regret being an OMC2 the money the we have paid for my enrollment in OMC2 is just sulit because everyday he gives us inspirational status and he gives us a boost everytime that he learns new things jomar is so excited that he will post it in his fb and not contented with it he will organize webinars ganun si jomar hindi sya madamot sa alam nya..kudos to jomar..ikaw na jomar ang aming mentor..."

Suzette G.Ferry
government employee
local government

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