Saturday, June 30, 2012

Jomar Hilario's VA Seminar Testimonial from Millicent Reyes

"I first heard of Jomar's lessons from Bro. Bo Sanchez's weekly newsletter and being at the lowest point of my life with growing expenses and surmounting debt, the possibility of having multiple streams of income through the internet seemed the best choice especially that I am a solo mom.

I took his internet marketing seminar in May 2010 and downloaded the virtual assistant seminar in September of the same year. I concentrated in blogging and began earning from google adsense almost instantly although slowly. But my biggest earner was when I started a career in oDesk and applying Jomar's lesson, I got an employer in 3 applications! I almost couldn't believe it because I had no VA background nor oDesk rating yet plus the fact that oDesk says a contractor would have to go through an average of 45 applications before getting hired.  My client was so nice and, impressed with my performance, recommended me to her friend who hired me right away. For over a year now, I have 2 regular clients and just a month ago got an offer from Google to be a Judgment Contributor.

I just want to say that Jomar's lesson are not only technical but also appeals to ones' character improvement because implementing his lessons made me develop self-discipline and more important belief in myself that I can earn additional income without having to leave my day job (which I love) and sacrifice time away from my son.

Praying that Jomar continue to help and give hope to more people.

Many, many thanks and God bless!"

Maria Millicent Reyes
Executive Secretary to the Consul General
Pena y Cia, Inc./ Consulate of Estonia

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